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Transit Visas (C1)
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Non-Immigrant Visa Unit

Citizens of countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program, do not need a transit visa when arriving in the United States and continuing out of the country.

To qualify for a transit visa you must prove that you:

  • Intend to pass in immediate and continuous transit through the United States;
  • Are in possession of evidence of transportation arrangements to your destination;
  • Are in possession of sufficient funds to carry out the purpose of the transit journey, or have sufficient funds otherwise available for that purpose; and
  • Have permission to enter the country you are continuing to, unless you submit satisfactory evidence that such advance permission is not required.

An applicant for a transit visa who neither resides nor works in Sweden, or who will shortly cease residing or working in Sweden, may apply for a visa. However, individuals who are applying for a visa at a Consular Section far from the consular district with jurisdiction over their home country should be aware that they may have difficulty demonstrating permanent ties to their home country; a consular officer in Sweden will in many cases find it difficult to make a favorable determination as he or she will likely be unfamiliar with the social and economic conditions, language, and official documents of the applicant's home country. In such cases the applicant may consider instead submitting his or her visa application at a U.S. Consular Section in the applicant's home country or at a U.S. Consular Section with routine responsibility for processing applications from the applicant's home country.